Agenda item

Councillor R Crute moved to suspend the relevant Standing Orders to allow sufficient time to debate the Motions on Notice at Agenda Item No 10.  The Head of Legal and Democratic Services sought clarity that Councillor Crute moved to suspend the time allowed for Motions on Notice.  Councillor Crute replied that he moved to suspend Standing Orders 4.2 and 10.7 to extend both the time allowed for the meeting and the time allowed for discussion of Motions on Notice at Agenda Item 10.


Councillor A Surtees seconded Councillor Crute’s motion and requested a recorded vote


Councillor R Bell requested that the two requests be voted on separately.  There was no objection to extending the time allowed for Motions but was objection to extending the time allowed for the meeting.


Council agreed the suspension of Standing Order 10.7 which related to the time allowed for the discussion of Motions.


A vote was taken on the Motion to suspend Standing Order 4.2.


For the Motion


Councillors E Adam, R Adcock-Forster, J Atkinson, P Atkinson, A Batey, K Batey, G Binney, J Blakey, D Boyes, J Chaplow, R Charlton-Lainé, I Cochrane, R Crute, S Deinali, K Earley, L Fenwick, C Fletcher, J Griffiths, O Gunn, C Hampson, A Hanson, T Henderson, S Henig, J Higgins, C Hood, G Hutchinson, M Johnson, C Kay, L Kennedy, R Manchester, D McKenna, M McKeon, I McLean, S McMahon, J Miller, D Mulholland, D Nicholls, P Pringle, J Purvis, S Quinn, I Roberts, K Shaw, T Smith, A Surtees, F Tinsley, S Townsend, C Varty, E Waldock, M Wilson, S Wilson, D Wood and R Yorke.


Against the Motion


Councillors B Avery, B Bainbridge, A Bell, C Bell, R Bell, D Brown, L Brown, J Cairns, J Charlton, J Cosslett, M Currah, T Duffy, J Elmer, K Fantarrow, D Freeman, D Haney, K Hawley, P Heaviside, L Holmes, A Hopgood, D Howarth, J Howey, C Hunt, A Jackson, N Jones, P Jopling, C Lines, L Maddison, C Martin, E Mavin, B McAloon, M McGaun, B Moist, J Nicholson, D Oliver, R Ormerod, E Peeke, R Potts, J Quinn, A Reed, M I Roberts, K Robson, K Rooney, J Rowlandson, A Savory, E Scott, P Sexton, A Shield, J Shuttleworth, M Simmons, A Simpson, M Stead, W Stelling, A Sterling, D Stoker, T Stubbs, D Sutton-Lloyd, M Walton, A Watson, M Wilkes and S Zair.


Councillor Crute sought advice.  The Council had agreed to suspend Standing Order 10.7 which extended the time for debating Motions on Notice but had not agreed to suspend Standing Order 4.2 to extend the length of the meeting.  Councillor Crute asked what would happen if the time for the meeting had been reached and consideration of the Motions on Notice had not been completed.  The Head of Legal and Democratic services replied that the meeting would continue for 2½ hours.  If at the end of this time the Council was still dealing with Motions on Notice the Motion being dealt with at that time would be put to a vote and any remaining Motions would be considered at the next Council meeting in the order they were currently on the agenda.