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Annual Report of the Standards Committee - Report of Head of Legal and Democratic Services and Monitoring Officer


The Council noted the Annual Report of the Standards Committee which provided an overview of the work of the Committee during 2020/21 and set out the future direction which the Committee intended to take during 2021/22 (for copy see file of Minutes).


Councillor J Nicholson, Chair of the Standards Committee informed the Council that the Standards Committee had continued to promote the principles and values of good governance within the Council and across the County.  The Members of the Standards Committee were committed and dedicated to ensuring that high standards of conduct were maintained by all local elected Members.


Councillors Nicholson and Tinsley, Chair and Vice Chair thanked the previous Chair of the Standards Committee, Councillor Kellett and the previous Vice Chair former Councillor Huntington, and thanked the Monitoring Officer, staff and Independent Persons for their support during the year.

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