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Application for the Grant of a Premises Licence - Looking Glass House (formerly The Station Hotel), 63 High Street, Tow Law


The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and introductions were made.


The Council’s Solicitor explained why only three Members deliberated the application and ran through the procedure for the meeting.


The Sub-Committee considered the report of the Corporate Director of Neighbourhoods and Climate Change regarding an application for the grant of a premises licence for the Looking Glass House (formerly The Station Hotel), 63 High Street, Tow Law (for copy of report, see file of minutes).


A copy of the application and location plan had been circulated together with details of the representations received.


The Licensing Team Leader was in attendance to present the report.


The Officer advised Members that mediation had taken place with Durham Constabulary and the Applicant had agreed to some additional conditions.


Members were also advised that after considering the objection, the Applicant provided some additional information and added further conditions, details of which had been circulated.


Members were advised that one objection had been received from Ms Logan-Pearson (other person) who was unable to attend the meeting and had asked for her representation to be considered and had provided a statement, as set out in the report.


The Planning Authority, Fire Safety Authority, Environmental Health Department, Durham Safeguarding Children Partnership and Durham Constabulary all replied to the consultation with no objections.


The Licensing Team Leader outlined the options open to the Sub-Committee.


All parties were given the opportunity to ask questions of the Licensing Team Leader.


Miss Nolan, the Applicant was invited to address the Sub-Committee and indicated that she was hoping to open a party and entertainment venue and not a public house. She intended to hold private parties for both children and adults and once a month an event with live entertainment. She was also hoping to start a drama group and summer workshops.


She indicated that the licence was required to provide a bar to keep the business financially viable. There would be no bar at children’s parties, and she applied for the licence 9.00 am to 11.00 pm to cover all types of events such as a wedding.


In response to questions from Members and Officers, Miss Nolan indicated that she did not intend to have pumps at the bar as these were not cost effective but would stock all other bar items such as spirits and cans. There was limited parking in the area, but she envisaged patrons being dropped off as she was hoping to attract local people who would not be driving. The maximum capacity of the venue was 100 and the exit from the venue was onto a pavement then the main road onto the High Street.


The Chair thanked everyone for their attendance and at 1.45 pm the Sub-Committee Resolved to retire in private to deliberate the application.


Councillors J Blakey, A Batey and M Wilson retired to make the decision.


In reaching their decision, the Sub-Committee had taken into account the report of the Licensing Team Leader and the written and verbal representations of the Applicant and the written representations of Other Persons. Members had also considered Durham County Council’s Statement of Licensing Policy and Guidance issued Under Section 182 of the Licensing Act 2003.


Resolved: That the Premises Licence be granted as follows:


Licensable Activity

Days and Hours

Supply of Alcohol (consumption on the premises)

Monday to Sunday 09.00-23.00hrs

Plays, Live Music, Recorded Music, Performances of Dance, Similar entertainment (all indoors)

Friday and Saturday 08.00 to 23.30 hrs

An additional hour on New Year’s Eve

Live Music and Recorded Music (outdoors)

Monday to Sunday 09.00-23.00hrs

Open to the public

Monday to Sunday 09.00-23.00hrs


The Sub-Committee in addition agreed to accept the following conditions that were added following mediation with Durham Constabulary.


·       All staff shall be fully trained to perform their role. They will also be trained in the contents of the premises licence including times of operation, licensable activities and all conditions. Such training will be recorded in a register. The register will be made available to the Police or an authorised officer of the council upon request.


·       The premises shall operate the Challenge 25 scheme.  As part of such a scheme a register of refusals shall be maintained and kept up to date. The register will be available for immediate inspection by police or authorised officers of the council.


·       The premises shall maintain an incident book which shall be made available to the Police and authorised officers of the local authority upon request.


·       A CCTV system will be installed and in operation at all times the premises are being used for licensable activity. It must be operated by properly trained staff. All public areas will be covered, including entrances, exits and outside area.


·       CCTV recording will be retained for a minimum of 28 days.


·       Children under the aga of 18 will not be allowed entry to or remain in the bar area after 21.00 unless at a private function.


·       The premises licence holder is to undertake right to work checks on all staff who are employed at the licensed premises in a paid or unpaid capacity. A copy of any documents checked as part of the right to work check are to be retained at the licensed premises. These documents will be made available to officers and responsible authorities when requested.


·       A full risk assessment must be completed prior to all events and functions, this will be made available to Police or authorised officers of the council on request.


·       A notice must be displayed at all entrances and exit points asking patrons to leave quietly.


Also, the further conditions added by the applicant.


·       No live bands will be permitted to perform (other than acoustic sets) until soundproofing is assessed and installed within the premises.


·       Customers will not be permitted to bring drinks outside the front of the premises.


·       Signs will be displayed at the exit to advise customers to leave quietly so as not to cause a disturbance to local residents


·       Staff will carry out a litter sweep around the premises following each event to clear the area of any litter.

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