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Agenda item

Motions on Notice

Councillor J Miller to Move


In 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, it was highlighted that many school children go hungry during school holidays, with the campaign for central Government to fund free school meals. However, what was missed is that school holidays take place every year, and not just during pandemics. This means that children are at risk of hunger every year-round. And it is not just children that are at risk of hunger, as many parents across the County are struggling with being able to afford the household necessities, with food being just one example. Some adults are working multiple jobs but are still struggling with this issue. And when the pandemic is finally over, and the impact on family finances truly comes to light, this problem will become bigger and harder.


A Food Action Plan would be able to highlight the areas across the County that are most affected by this crisis, and enable a local response, by empowering community groups, AAPs and local councillors to become involved in supporting those that need the Council’s help.

Therefore, this Council resolves to:


1.             Request the lead Member for Food Poverty within Cabinet, to work across all parties within the Council, to create a consistent and inclusive Food Action Plan that reflects and addresses the needs of all families across County Durham.


Councillor S Deinali to Move


Teachers are key workers and professionals and have all contributed significantly during the pandemic – keeping schools open to vulnerable children and those of key workers whilst planning and delivering a remote curriculum to those children who have stayed at home.  Although the government pledged to raise teacher’s starting salaries to £30,000 by 2023 in their manifesto, they are now planning to impose a pay freeze.


Despite the School Teachers’ Review Body recommending a pay rise of 3.5% for all teachers, the Government has only given early career teachers the 3.5% rise, while more experienced teachers were given a 2% rise and those on the leadership pay scale were given only 1.5%. According to the independent Institute for Fiscal Studies this will leave around 60% of teachers receiving a below inflation pay rise, meaning their pay will fall in real terms.


The pay freeze will come after a decade of real terms pay cuts to teachers pay – which has left the teaching profession with major recruitment and retention issues.


The Department for Education has admitted that teachers are over £4000 a year worse off in real terms since 2010.



Therefore, the Council resolves to:


1.    Work with the education unions to understand the impact of the real term pay freeze over the past decade and develop actions to increase the level of retention and recruitment in County Durham.


2.    Write to the Government to highlight the impact of a real terms cut to teachers’ pay, ask for the introduction of a pay increase for all teachers in line with inflation and ask the Government to deliver on their pledge by increasing teachers’ starting salaries to £30,000 by 2023.


3.    Report back to Full Council on the outcome of resolution 1 and 2.


Councillor A Surtees to Move


This Council condemns the decision by government to remove the Universal Credit £20 Uplift.


Councillor F Tinsley to Move


This Council condemns the changes made by the Conservative government to the way Adult Social Care is funded in England. This includes the introduction of an ‘Adult Social Care Cap’ of £86K and increases to National Insurance contributions which will have a disproportionate financial impact on younger members of society and small businesses recovering from the Covid 19 pandemic.   The changes will have an unfair impact on residents of County Durham because the Adult Social Care Cap is a much higher proportion of the average value of houses in County Durham than in many other parts of the country.


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