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DM/21/01036/FPA - Land South of Carlingford Road, Chester-Le-Street

20m high telecommunications pole with 6No. TEF Antennas, 3NO. TEF ERS and associated works


The Committee considered a report of the Senior Planning Officer which recommended approval of the application for a 20m high telecommunications pole with 6no. TEF Antennas, 3no. TEF ERS and associated works on land south of Carlingford Road, Chester-le-Street (for copy see file of Minutes).


The Senior Planning Officer provided a detailed presentation of the application which included a site plan, site photographs and proposed layout.


Councillor Simon Wilson noted that there were no issues raised by consultees around height, which had been his sole concern. He was aware of a previous application where questions had been raised by residents regarding the impact of masts on health but that Public Health and the World Health Organisation had stated that these masts were safe. Councillor Wilson moved approval of the application.


In response to a question from Councillor Beaty Bainbridge regarding proposed street furniture associated with the mast, the Senior Planning Officer advised that three new cabinets would replace the existing two cabinets with a new pole, all painted black. Councillor Bainbridge expressed concern that telecommunications poles were situated in housing estates and should fit in with the surrounding street furniture. The proposed mast would be over-powering. The Chair appreciated the comments of Councillor Bainbridge but noted that whilst location would be a consideration for new masts this application was for a replacement telecommunications pole on an existing site.


Councillor Liz Brown had taken on board the objections but was of the view that this was much needed as people increasingly relied on mobile telecommunication. Councillor Brown seconded the motion to approve the application.


Following a question from Councillor Alex Watson, the Member was informed that as adopted highway and publicly owned land there was no financial mitigation for the erection of the mast.


Upon a vote being taken it was RESOLVED that the application be approved subject to the conditions outlined in the report.

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