Agenda item

Any Other Business - BCPP Annual Conference 30 September and 1 October 2021


The Chair requested feedback on the recent BCPP Annual Conference. Paul Cooper advised that eight representatives from the Pension Fund Committee had attended, and invited members to provide their comments.


Councillor Sutton-Lloyd stated that as a new member he found it very useful to meet representatives from BCPP and also other members in the Partnership.


Councillor Earley stated that a presentation at the Conference aimed at new members was very useful and suggested that it be circulated to all members.


Councillor Atkinson stated that he had attended the conference for a number of years, and he was always impressed with the level of knowledge. It was a good opportunity to ask questions and overall had been an excellent event.


Councillor Renton stated that it was important that Darlington Borough Council was represented at the event and echoed the views of members. He thanked Paul Cooper for organising their attendance.


The Chair stated that he found the virtual attendance of speakers from Hong Kong to be very useful.




That the information given be noted.