Agenda item

SACRE Membership


The Chair asked for an update on the current situation with regards to the current membership of Durham SACRE and in particular, where there were vacancies as it would be important for Durham SACRE to ensure that they continue to meet the requirements of the membership.


It was noted that this issue had been raised with Legal Services who would seek to provide an overview of the council’s requirements in relation to its membership and whether additional appointments should be sought to meet those requirements.


S Walker at this point also noted that she had written to the Chair requesting full membership of the committee and asked whether there’d been any progress on that request. The Education Durham Support and Provision Lead explained that given the constraints of the 1986 Education Act and the constitution for this SACRE, legal advice had been sought. Further information was to be sought from other SACREs as to how they enabled a humanist to be part of their as there was no provision for that within the ACT.


An update would be provided directly to S Walker prior to the next meeting and a full update would be provided at the next SACRE meeting.


K Passmore commented that in North Tyneside custom and practice had been to include the humanist member in all discussions. However, appreciated that further legal advice and information would be helpful.


Resolved: That the current membership and vacancies be noted.