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Adoption of Cassop-cum-Quarrington Neighbourhood Plan - Report of Corporate Director of Regeneration, Economy and Growth


The Council considered a report of the Corporate Director of Regeneration, Economy and Growth which sought approval to formally ‘make’ (adopt) the Cassop-cum-Quarrington Neighbourhood Plan (for copy see file of Minutes).


The Parish Council for Cassop-cum-Quarrington had produced a Neighbourhood Plan which had passed independent examination in 2021.  On 23 September 2021 a referendum was held for the Neighbourhood Plan and it was overwhelmingly approved by voters. The Council must now make the Plan so that it formally becomes part of the statutory development plan for the Neighbourhood Area.


Moved by Councillor E Scott, Portfolio Holder for Economy and Partnerships, Seconded by Councillor J Shuttleworth, Portfolio Holder for Rural Communities and Highways.


Councillor M McKeon thanked Frank Salisbury and Richard Cowen for their involvement in the production of the Neighbourhood Plan.



(a) That the Cassop-cum-Quarrington Neighbourhood Plan be formally made (adopted) to become part of the statutory development plan; and

(b) That the Head of Legal and Democratic Services be authorised to take all necessary steps to affect the adoption of the Cassop-cum-Quarrington Neighbourhood Plan including the publicity requirements contained in the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012.


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