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DM/21/03180/FPA - 9-16 Fir Tree and 22-28 Maple Avenue, Shildon

Demolition of 24no. apartments and garages and erection of 15no. bungalows


The Committee considered a report of the Senior Planning Officer which provided details of an application for Demolition of 24no. apartments and garages and erection of 15no. bungalows at 9-16 Fir Tree and 22-28 Maple Avenue, Shildon, Co Durham (for copy see file of minutes).


The Senior Planning Officer provided a detailed presentation of the report and included site location plans, aerial photographs and photographs of the site.


Councillor Quinn confirmed that she knew the area well and there had been several problems with the flats, which housed predominantly elderly people on the ground floor with younger people above, which was a mix that did not work.  There were some problem areas, prevalent anti-social behaviour and as the Applicant had relocated some of them, the flats remained empty and became difficult to let.   They had been boarded up and increased vandalism.  The decision to build bungalows was the best way forward in her opinion and she welcomed the site.  It was a good location for the bus service, had two local shops and she believed the properties would be more desirable.


Councillor Atkinson had no objections and moved the recommendation for approval as per the Officers report.


Councillor Brown referred to the reference to comply with Policy 29 as the Council were trying to minimise greenhouse gas but agreed that converting flats to bungalows was a better option and seconded the proposal.


The Applicant responded to confirm that the homes would be built to emerging building regulations and would have 38% carbon reduction which was an improvement on the current standards.   In addition they would all be installed with low carbon heaters and as the Applicant was aware that the cost of electric was higher than gas, solar panels would be installed to offset the additional cost.  The Applicant was also hoping to make two properties zero carbon and include battery storage from solar panels.


Councillor Roberts agreed that the development would enhance the area and provide housing for elderly.  She was also aware of the anti-social behaviour in the area and therefore supported the application.


As a former Director of a housing board, Councillor Boyes, was aware of how tight budgets were and although it would be more desirable to build 100% green properties, developers had to go with what they could afford.  He also supported the application.


Councillor Oliver confirmed his support for the application which would be an improvement in comparison to the existing housing and he welcomed the provision of bungalows.




The application be APPROVED subject to the completion of a Section 106 Obligation to secure the following, and the conditions outlined in the report;


·        Provision of 10% affordable housing on site in perpetuity

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