Agenda item

Proud moments - Verbal update from Strategic Manager, Looked After Children Resources


The Head of Children’s Social Care shared stories that had made the service proud in recent months. The first story related to a project by young people at New Lea Children’s Home. The young people were aware of a ‘toilet-twinning’ project and they secured £100 of donations for a toilet for a family in Afghanistan.  The Head of Children’s Social Care thanked the young people for their proactive work to help children living in more difficult circumstances and also thanked those who kindly donated.


The Panel also heard of a young person who is preparing to move into supported living arrangements and how she had been reflecting on the past whilst preparing for the future.  She had commented that she feels loved and prepared for the next phase of her life, knowing that her family will continue to support her, just as they had done throughout the years.  Her carers spoke of how proud they are of her and how they are pleased to see such a positive outcome for this young person.


The Head of Children’s Social Care concluded by thanking the Chair for donating a ‘corporate grandparent’ gift of hand-knitted baby clothes which would be donated to a Care Leaver who had recently become a mother.  The Head of Children’s Social Care thanked the Chair for the kind gesture.