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Strategic Risk Management Progress Report for 2021/22 - Review 3: 1 October – 31 December 2021 - Report of Corporate Director of Resources


The Committee considered a report from the Corporate Director of Resources which highlighted the strategic risks facing the Council and provided an insight into the work carried out by the Corporate Risk Management Group between October and December 2021 (for copy see file of minutes).


The Principal Risk and Governance Officer provided an update on the changes since the last report. He reported there were nine key risks which included three new risks relating to energy prices, school improvement grants and the national shortage of HGV drivers. He added that the risk in relation to pressures effecting the sustainability and capacity of care providers had been re-evaluated and mitigations identified.


Referring to Mr C Robinson’s previous question in relation to external body inspection outcomes, the Corporate Director of Resources added that the overall risk assessment factors in judgements from providers inspections. The overall quality of care that is provided to vulnerable children and adults is a key measure in assessing the overall level of risk and any issues identified by the Care Quality Commission or Ofsted inspections would be escalated and reflected in the risk assessment register.


Mr C Robinson questioned the incidents relating to vulnerable children and adults rated ‘possible’ and the actions required to change the rating to ‘unlikely’. The Corporate Director of Resources clarified that although the likelihood of incidents were rated as ‘possible’ it was not a reflection of acceptance. He advised that a considerable amount of resources had been invested in the looked after children efficiency strategy and in the social care workforce to ensure a robust response in safeguarding vulnerable children and adults. He added that the service constantly strives for additional assurances, and it was an area that was continually overseen by the Corporate Management Team.


Responding to a query from Councillor Kellett regarding the land slippage near the A690, the Corporate Director of Resources assured the Committee that the area was subject to extensive investigations, regular monitoring and that mitigations were in place. He added that a map highlighting the area of concern would be provided in the next update.



That the report provides assurance that strategic risks were being effectively managed within the risk management framework across the Council.


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