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DM/21/01066/OUT - Land to the east of Gray Terrace, New Kyo, Stanley

Outline Application with all matters reserved for 18 self-build plots with new access road and associated landscaping


The Committee considered a report of the Senior Planning Officer which sought outline planning approval with all matters reserved for 18 self-build plots with new access road and associated landscaping (for copy see file for Minutes)


The Senior Planning Officer provided a detailed presentation of the application which included an indicative site plan, site photographs and the proposed layout. Members had visited the site the previous day.


The Chair welcomed S Walsh, Applicants Agent who was in attendance to speak in support of the application.


She advised that she was available for questions however to provide a brief overview, the applicant had worked long and hard with planners to achieve a good scheme which had resulted in some changes to the layout which took advantage of the natural slope of the land, providing a low density development which respected the right to a view of the adjacents terrace.


The self-build offer was unique and something that didn’t come along very often and this site was able to provide a low-density development within a sustainable location.


Councillor Marshall welcomed the approach from the applicant and thanked them for taking the time to work through issues with the planners. As a local member to Stanley he knew only too well the difficulties faced by developers in terms of viability so this new development was good to see despite it not providing a contribution to social housing.


Councillor Jopling asked for some clarification regarding parking.

S Walsh advised that each plot had its own parking within the curtilage and spaces were also allocated for visitor parking. This would mean that on site parking at Grey Terrace wouldn’t be exacerbated.


Councillor Brown asked whether further information could be provided as to the viability of the scheme. S Walsh advised that securing a self-build mortgage had become a lot easier in recent years and plot were in some cases more affordable which allowed schemes such as this to come forward. She added that from her own experience the other various self-build plots that she had been involved in had proven to be very successful.


The Officers recommendation for approval was Moved by Councillor Marshall and seconded by Councillor Brown.



That the recommendations contained in the report be noted.



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