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Forecast of Revenue and Capital Outturn 2021/22 - Period to 31 December 2021 and Update on Progress towards achieving MTFP(11) savings - Report of Corporate Director of Resources


The Cabinet considered a report of the Corporate Director of Resources which provided updated information on:

(a)          the forecast revenue and capital outturn for 2021/22, based on the position to 31 December 2021;

(b)          the forecast for the council tax and business rates collection fund position at 31 March 2022, based on the position to 31 December 2021; and

(c)           the forecast use of and contributions to earmarked, cash limit and general reserves in 2021/22 and the estimated balances to be held at 31 March 2022.

The report sought approval of the revised capital programme, other budget adjustments and proposed sums treated as outside of the cash limit in year and provided Cabinet with an update on progress towards achieving MTFP(11) savings in 2021/22 (for copy of report see file of minutes).

Councillor Bell thanked the Corporate Director and his team for the comprehensive update and remarked on the strong finance team that the council has. He gave an update which included the covid funding position, service grouping financial forecasts, the review of the council’s ear marked reserves, the position with the reserves, the collection funds, capital programme, and mtfp savings. He advised that as the council continues to manage the budgets prudently, with that there would maintain strong financial resilience.

Councillor Hopgood thanked the Corporate Director and his team, and all budget managers for effective management of their budgets. She gave updates on forecasting, ear marked reserves and the additional analysis of those. She advised that the cash limits and general reserves were prudent which reflected the scale and complexity of the council, and of the effects of the increased energy costs would have on council budgets.



That the recommendations in the report be approved.


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