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Honorary Aldermen - Recognition - Report of the Clerk to the Charter Trustees


Charter Trustees considered a report of the Clerk to the Charter Trustees that provided details of the appointments of the Honorary Aldermen following the appointment of Alderman by Durham County Council on 26 January 2022 (for copy see file of minutes). </AI5>


The Clerk reported from the eligible criteria which was agreed on 20 June 2018, two former Councillors fulfil the criteria and would be invited to ceremonial events and wear red robes. 


Responding to queries in relation to the number of years’ service and definition of criteria, the Clerk clarified that a variation from 15 to 14 years’ service was agreed following Local Government Reorganisation. The definition of criteria in relation to ‘otherwise sufficiently connected’ had not been detailed previously, however the proposed Councillors fall within the other two categories. It was suggested that the definition in relation to ‘currently living within or otherwise sufficiently connected to the old Durham City Council boundaries’ maybe a topic a Working Group could look at in the future.




(i)     That the eligibility of those proposed as Honorary Aldermen be noted;


(ii)    That the recognition of Honorary Alderman to those recorded in the report at paragraph 8 be agreed;


(iii)   That David Bell and John Turnbull as Honorary Alderman have the requisite link to the City of Durham and year’s service to wear a red robe at Mayoral ceremonial events.


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