Agenda item

Motions on Notice

Councillor M Stead


Council recognises the assistance provided by the government to help County Durham residents with the cost of living crisis including financial assistance to help with energy costs and the re-introduction of the pensions triple-lock.


Council further recognises the assistance we as a council have given this year by freezing the core council tax.


However, with inflation approaching 10%, we recognise there is more to do, and so council commits to holding a cost of living summit bringing together charities, the council and other bodies to co-ordinate plans to help residents.


Further, council calls on government to consider additional help for residents and to recognise that as a county covering 1000 square miles, with hundreds of communities, County Durham should have its funding allocation reviewed to take into account its rurality.


This would ensure as a council we are able to continue to protect frontline services for our residents with the additional funding a rural designation provides.


Councillor A Batey


I propose that the allocation of £125,000 awarded to the Council as runners up of the city of culture bid is topped up from the general reserve by £15,000 to a total of £140,000.


This money can then be distributed equally to each of the 14 area action partnerships across our county to ensure that the whole county benefits and is able to celebrate from the City of Culture runners up award.