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Alleged Public Bridleway, Chapel Pasture Public Bridle Road, from grid reference 388757.536877 to grid reference 387576.537170, St-John's-Chapel, Stanhope (Definitive Map Modification Order Proposal)


The Committee considered a joint report of the Corporate Director of Neighbourhoods and Climate Change and the Head of Legal and Democratic Services which sought to add a route with public bridleway status from grid reference 388757.536877 and ending at grid reference 387576.537170 in the ward of St John’s Chapel in the parish of Stanhope to the Definitive Map and Statement (for copy see file of Minutes).


The Definitive Map Officer gave a detailed presentation which included application evidence, site location plans and route photographs to supplement the application. She advised that although the route applied for incorporated sections of two existing Public Bridleways it did not connect to any other Public Rights of Way, but when considered with the two other applications, Windyside Moor and North Grain Public Bridle Roads, would result in a continuous through route from public highways C Road (C28), St John’s Chapel to C Road (C27), St Johns Chapel (Document B).


In referencing changes to the Definitive Map, Councillor Kay asked whether the modifications were also reflected in the Ordnance survey maps. In response the Definitive Map Officer advised that the council were using a working copy of the Definitive Map and updating it each time a Modification Order was agreed. When the Ordnance survey maps were reviewed, changes were based upon the county’s definitive map.


Councillor Wood Moved that the recommendations contained in the report be approved. Seconded by Councillor Higgins.




(i)       That a Definitive Map Modification Order to amend the Definitive         Map and Statement by way of adding a public bridleway under    Section 53(3)(c)(i) of the Wildlife and Countryside Act.

(ii)      That the Definitive Map Modification Order will be referred to the       Secretary of State for determination in the event objections are made or confirmed as unopposed if no such objections are           received.


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