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Annual Health Update - Report of the Designated Nurse for Children in Care, NENC ICB


The Designated Nurse for Children in Care, Jo Gamble, presented the annual health update (for copy of report and presentation see file of minutes). 


Introducing the presentation, the Designated Nurse outlined the

new commissioning arrangements for health provision across County Durham. 


With regard to health assessment data, the Panel heard of the work taking place to improve connectivity between health and the local authority and whilst there had been a reduction in the number of children coming into care, seeing a paediatrician within 20 days, processes are in place for improvements and there are times when it is not appropriate to conduct a health assessment within the specified timeframe. 


The Designated Nurse detailed the priorities for 2023-24 which are aligned to the work of corporate parenting and the children looked after strategic partnership.


The Panel noted the improvements with regard to access to dental care for children, with 95% of young people in care having had an appropriate dental check. 


The Panel also noted that every care experienced child is given the opportunity to have a health passport to understand their medical history and the Designated Nurse explained that health passports had been reviewed which found that a summary of the information would be more effective and the passports had been renamed and were now known as ‘Health Summaries’. 


The young people questioned why the name had been changed and the Designated Nurse explained the name change was considered necessary as the new format was a more condensed version of the former health passport, however a review will be undertaken of the new format to ensure that it provides all the information required and this could include reconsideration of the name.


Members were pleased to note that access to dental care had returned to pre-pandemic levels. 




That the report and presentation be noted.


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