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Annual Performance Report 2022/2023 - The Full Circle - Report of the Full Circle Team Manager


The Panel received the Annual Performance Report of the Full Circle covering the period from April 2022-March 2023 (for copy of report and presentation see file of minutes).

Deb Loraine, Service Manager, delivered the presentation, giving an overview of the annual activity and development of the Full Circle service. Information was provided on this specialised children’s mental health service for children and young people who have experienced complex trauma through neglect and abuse.  The Panel noted the service benefits from good partnership arrangements with the Virtual School and agencies including CAMHS and the NSPCC.  The Full Circle also provides consultation and training for parents, carers and professionals where children have not met the criteria for direct therapeutic support.


The significant amount of development activity during the year was detailed, including the implementation of new operating practices and the increased offer to residential homes and the Virtual School.  Outcome measures identified that, just over 95% of children who had received support from the Full Circle service had improved outcomes.  Information was also provided on developments for the year ahead.




That the report and presentation be noted.


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