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Committee details

Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (SACRE)

Purpose of committee

SACREs (Standing Advisory Councils on Religious Education) are responsible in law for advising local education authorities on RE and collective worship.  There are over one hundred SACREs in England and Wales.  Each SACRE is composed of four representative groups (or three in Wales): Christian and other religious denominations, the Church of England (except in Wales), teachers' associations and elected councillors.


Each SACRE is required to publish an Annual Report that is sent to QCA (Qualifications and Curriculum Authority).  Each year QCA publishes a report that provides an overall analysis of the work of SACREs during the previous year.


  • Vicky Bain   
  • Judith Bainbridge  (Vice-Chair) 
  • Sheila Baker   
  • Linda Burton   
  • Natalie Dodd   
  • Barry Dunn   
  • Wendy Gray   
  • Alison Hartley   
  • Frances Ann Johnson   
  • Melanie Lowden   
  • Sharon Lupton   
  • Jane Nicholls   
  • Joanna Pallister   
  • Karenza Passmore   
  • Bhakti Rasa Adhikhara   
  • Cloud Singh   
  • Carol Spencer   
  • Helen Tait   
  • Mahshid Turner   
  • Deanna Van der Velde   
  • Caroline Weir   
  • Paul Welch  (Chair) 
  • Councillor Eunice Huntington   
  • Councillor Craig Martin   
  • Councillor John Shuttleworth   
  • Councillor Fraser Tinsley   
  • Mike Dixon   
  • Susan Walker   

Contact information

Support officer: Paula Nicholson. 03000 269710


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Durham County Council
County Hall
County Durham
03000 269 714