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Langley Lane Speed Reduction

We the undersigned petition the Council to reassess the speed limit of Langley Lane and with immediate effect implement an extension of the 30mph zone to extend beyond the junctions for Long Edge and Burnhope Picnic Area. We believe this will reduce the number of speeding vehicles past the village and reduce the number of accidents at the cross roads with Peth Bank. Furthermore, once this initial implementation has taken place, we call upon Durham County Council to introduce traffic calming measures at suitable points on Langley Lane, where it passes the residential area.

For as long as I have lived in the village I have been concerned about the junction which exits onto Langley Lane. The junction acts as a crossroads, is on a bend and an incline and is a 60mph speed limit. Over the years there have been many accidents, a lot of which go unreported to the authorities but cause a lot of problems for those who frequently use the road.
Furthermore, the road is a 60-30-60, with the 30mph passing the village. By the time people have started to slow down they are well into the village and looking ahead to start accelerating again. There are 3 junctions from the village which all pull out onto this road and all have poor visibility.
After over a year of campaigning with no improvement we have gained the backing of our new MP. Sadly this has come to late as on 18th July 2020, a 22 year old male was involved in a fatal collision on this road. On behalf of his friends and family we ask that this issue is addressed with urgency.
We feel that a speed limit reduction alone will not solve our problems but will be a massive step in the right direction. So we call upon Durham County Council to act upon this with immediate effect, and then assess the road for traffic calming measures in the months following the speed changes.

This ePetition ran from 27/07/2020 to 29/09/2020 and has now finished.

252 people signed this ePetition.


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