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Speed calming or speed bumps

We the undersigned petition the Council to We want the speed to be reduced or speed bumps to be put in place on Sherburn road opposite Alington Place, no one does 30mph on this road.

There has been two crashes in the past year with 2 different cars that belong to 4 alington place that have to park outside on the public path. This has been caused from people speeding on the road and crashing into the island crossing then impacting onto our cars leading both cars to be a write off. This has caused a lot of distress for the local residents and caused some to move house as people don’t do 30mph and is a busy road for them to live near. We feel there should be something in place to reduce the speed or even a speed camera to make this a safer road and a safer place to live in.

This ePetition ran from 26/06/2022 to 26/07/2022 and has now finished.

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