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Derelict and abandoned houses in Stanley

We the undersigned petition the Council to Put pressure on landlords and owners to bring back derelict/abandoned property back in to use

Empty, derelict and abandoned houses need to be brought back into use as there are so many homless people in need of a home. Houses left in a state of disrepair encourage vermin, anti social behaviour, cause damage to adjoining houses, reduce the value of houses in the area and affect people who live nearby and have to look at them every day, causing anxiety and feeling of dispair due to lack of care for the environment. Indeed, conditions outside the home as well as within the home affect peoples health (mentally and physically). There are so many houses and other properties which could be brought back into use by refurbishment or even just a bit of TLC. My vision is to make a change in my area by putting pressure initially on local government and ultimately change the law (if needed) to make landlords/owners keep houses from falling into disrepair in the first place. I would also like to see houses that have been in probate for a long time to be put to use even if the parties involved cannot agree. The law ought to state that houses/property that have been abandoned and in probate to be reclaimed by the council/government/housing agency and a set sum paid (as a kind of rental) to any person involved in the dispute until an agreement is reached. If you are in agreement please sign this petition. Thank you

This ePetition runs from 10/03/2023 to 21/04/2023.

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