Key Decisions

Cabinet, 2023

This page details those key decisions scheduled to be made by the Council's Cabinet.

Reports (providing they do not disclose any exempt or confidential information) will be available on the relevant Cabinet meeting pages on the Council's website 5 clear days before the meeting. If an item had not been included on the notice of Key Decisions in line with requirements, but had complied with special urgency provisions, notices to that effect will appear next to the corresponding item on the key decisions list, and relevant Cabinet meetings page.

Please note that some key decisions may need to be made by the Executive in private. A notice will be published to the corresponding item on the key decisions list and on the relevant Cabinet meetings page should that be the case. Please see notices for further details on how to make representations and when further notices will be published.

The key decisions notice sets out issues likely to be the subject of a key decision made by our Cabinet.

It will contain the following:

The notice is divided into four sections, as listed below: