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Horden Regeneration Partnership


In 2005, Easington Colliery Partnership formed a consortium with Horden Regeneration Partnership to win funding from the Big Lottery Fund of almost £200,000 up until August 2009.


Both Partnerships recognised that money would be better spent on building the capacity and confidence of local volunteers to take regeneration forward for the long term rather than simply splashing cash on bringing in agencies from outside to deliver a few projects which wouldn't have a lasting or growing benefit.


A successful bid has allowed the Partnership to employ two local people to support members and volunteers in other community groups to achieve 3 outcomes by 2009:


1.  Build community capacity and work together

2.  Improve the environment and facilities

3.  Improve opportunities in training and employment


The best regeneration happens when local people come together and make it happen themselves because they know what's best for themselves and their communities.  Horden and Easington Colliery Regeneration Partnership has a long way to go, but has started in the right direction and hope that many more people will help them on the journey.



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Mr Darren Meadows