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Bishop Auckland Community Partnership (Four Clocks)


The Four Clocks project aims to identify and respond to the social and economic needs of local people.  In order to achieve this the centre strives to provide a local resource for the community groups, local agencies and the people of Bishop Auckland offering advice, guidance, signposting, room hire and tenancy and a warm and friendly meeting place.


At the outset of the project, church members realised the importance of a partnered approach to community regeneration, of working together to identify and address the issues within the area.  The Bishop Auckland Partnership is made up of representatives from many agencies and community representatives within Bishop Auckland, all of whom have a stake in the process.  This partnership approach is essential to the success of not only the centre but also to the initiatives and project that emerge form the work of the Bishop Auckland Partnership.


The Four Clocks project aims to contribute to strengthening communities through a number of initiatives in line with local needs and government targets.


Working closely with other agencies and through the community Partnership and its representation the centre continues to develop projects which will address local issues and contribute to social and economic regeneration.


Essential to the aim and objectives of the partnership and Four Clocks project is community involvement.  Enabling and encouraging local people to contribute to the development of the Four Clocks.


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