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Joint Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee of North East Local Authorities


The North East Region Joint Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee aims to scrutinise:


·         NHS organisations that cover, commission or provide services across the North East region, including and not limited to, for example, NHS North East, local primary care trusts, foundation trusts, acute trusts, mental health trusts and specialised commissioning groups;


·         Services commissioned and / or provided to patients living and working across the North East region;


·         Specific health issues that span across the North East region.


Note: Individual authorities will reserve the right to undertake scrutiny of any relevant NHS organisations with regard to matters relating specifically to their local population.


The North East Region Joint Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee will:


a)    Seek to develop an understanding of the health of the North East region’s population and contribute to the development of policy to improve health and reduce health inequalities;


b)    Ensure, wherever possible, the needs of local people are considered as an integral part of the commissioning and delivery of health services;


c)    Undertake all the necessary functions of health scrutiny in accordance with the NHS Act 2006, regulations and guidance relating to reviewing and scrutinising health service matters;


d)    Review proposals for consideration or items relating to substantial developments / substantial variations to services provided across the North East region by NHS organisations, including;


(i)         Changes in accessibility of services;

(ii)        Impact of proposals on the wider community;

(iii)       Patients affected.


e)    Examine the social, environmental and economic well-being responsibilities of local authorities and other organisations and agencies within the remit of the health scrutiny role.


Hartlepool Borough Council provide the secretariat support to this Committee.


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Stephen Gwillym

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