Committee details

County Planning Committee

Purpose of committee

The County Planning Committee consists of 16 Members of the Council excluding Members of the Cabinet.


The Committee has the following functions:


To exercise the Council’s functions relating to Town and Country Planning and Development Control as set out in Section A of Schedule 1 to the 2000 Regulations, in relation to the following matters:


·        Residential development proposals involving 200 or more dwellings or a site area of 4 hectares or more

·        All non-residential development proposals (including commercial, retail and industrial developments) of 10,000 or more square metres floorspace or a site area of 2 hectares or more

·        Development proposals involving the erection of two or more wind turbines where the output of each turbine is 1.5 MW or greater

·        Applications for renewable energy developments

·        All development proposals relating to minerals or waste


Development which in the opinion of the Head of Planning Services is of strategic significance, including strategic schemes promoted by the County Council.




Contact information

Support officer: Kirsty Charlton. 03000 269705